follow my friend and I'll do rates even though no one will dO IT ANYWAYS ยป

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Anonymous said: but i would still love and continue in supporting them regardless of the stupidity of others

yeah thats what i’m doing i’m just sick of the dumb fanbase i just care about the band itself you know


Anonymous said: I guess I understand... it saddens me bc I feel all the original fans that loved them since the beginning of their career have lost dedication and interest in them because of the fanbase nowdays



flashes-done-right said: No don't stahp this page D:

sorry man


Anonymous said: Noooo youre one of my fav blogs and I know the fanbase has gotten pretty bad but I think most bands have shitty fanbases also. I wouldnt be ashamed to be part of the bc fanbase though at least its not as bad as 1d or some shit

this is a good point but i just do not want to run this blog anymore like just omg


oh yeah if you havent notcied i’m sorta abadoning this blog

  • some of you fuckign asshOLES still repost my gifs and post them to stuPIF FUCKING WEHEARTIT
  • the bc fanbase if like really shitty you motheRFUCKRES
  • they are the best band with the worst fanbase and i’m like, ashamed to be part of it hahahahahHAHahhaha
  • bye hoes

Josh finally unveils a picture of himself from when he was on Figure It Out!

I never did share any of these with y’all, tumblr.